White flash!

Hi Can anybody tell me how I can fix this problem please? I’m designing a new website on Microsoft Expression and I use a masterpage and from that one I make new pages and attch them to the masterpage. All of a sudden something has gone wrong because every time I click on a link in the navigation bar the background disappears for a part second and a white background shows up, although the navigation text and content text stay in place. This results in a white flash every time I change to a different page. Can you help me? Thanks!

Alright. The white background just means that, well…you don’t have a background anymore (meaning that white backgrounds are default).

Therefore, there might be a problem with the CSS when loading the page. Can you provide a link?


Yeah, it could be CSS. If your cool with it, shows us your masterpage also. I use .NET.

Hello :).

Are you using design view? Or are you viewing this in an actual browser?

If the former, ignore this behavior and continue your merry way.

If the latter, we need an actual link to go off of :). Or at the very minimum, HTML and CSS to reproduce the issue (which will be hard without images, so the site is preferable) :).

Ok, mistake number one, broken wysiwyg nonsense that tricks nubes into thinking they can make websites.

Don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. Must be some Expression specific nonsense.

Your best bet likely involves throwing that bloated buggy sweetly retarded cousin to Frontpage in the trash and actually working with the markup and CSS directly. Much like Dreamweaver, the only thing you can learn from Expression is how NOT to build websites.

You know… from your description it almost sounds like you’re working with shudder frames… in which case welcome to 1997.

Though as Ryan said, without seeing the page in question anything we tell you is little more than wild guesses. We’d have to see it to dial in what’s actually going wrong with it.

Yeah. Typically WYSIWYG editors or online ‘website creators’ (AKA junk creators, tangled messes, and torture to SPF Members who you want to debug for you :smiley: ) lead to bad code, inaccessible websites, and overall, the “what not to do” scenario. Or maybe it’s just that I’m a code elitist :smiley:


More and more I think about that, the more my brain is saying “frames” or “Ajax pretending to be frames” – the former of which has no business being done on websites any time after 1998, the latter being people who didn’t understand why it’s not supposed to be done sneaking around the perimeter to make the exact same mistakes.

Really do have to see the actual page live though to say for sure.