While loop returning duplicate result in php

I am working with a JSON file that is nested and I am employing a JSON pull parser for PHP 7 due to the size of the file. I want to extract data and put them in a csv table as thus:

foo_1403039 bana nege
foo_1403039 baan
foo_13589 anab neeg nege
foo_13590 naab
foo_1403220 suresh ltd
foo_1403223 suresh ltd

But then if you notice in the table above, the 1st and 2nd data (foo_1403039) under the first column titled FOO ID are duplicated, and I do not want that. Indeed, if I delete the 1st data under the first column, and shift the cell of that column up by one step, the table looks perfect. Similarly, the last two data (suresh ltd) under the under the second column titled NAME are also duplicate.

I do not know what is wrong in my code. Any help will be appreciated. Here is my dummy json file, and this is my php code:

 require_once 'C:/xampp/htdocs/vendor/autoload.php';
 use \pcrov\JsonReader\JsonReader;
 ini_set("max_execution_time", 0);
 $reader = new JsonReader();
 $fo = fopen("mycsv.csv", "w" );
 fputs($fo, "companyID1, name, ultimateHoldingCompany,  uhcCountry".PHP_EOL);
 while($reader->read()) {
 if (preg_match('/^foo_/', $reader->name())){
  $companyID = $reader->name();
  $companyID1 = str_ireplace("foo_","",$companyID);

if ($reader->read("entityName")){
    $entityName = $reader->value();
    $entityName = str_ireplace(","," ",$entityName);

if ($reader->read("ultimateHoldingCompany")){       
    $uhcName = null;
    $uhcCountry = null;
    $ultimateHoldingCompany = $reader->value();

    if (empty($ultimateHoldingCompany)){
    else {
        $uhcCountry = $ultimateHoldingCompany[0]['country'];
        $uhcName = $ultimateHoldingCompany[0]['name'];
        $uhcName = str_ireplace(","," ",$uhcName);

fputs($fo,   $companyID1.",".$entityName.",".$uhcName.",".$uhcCountry.PHP_EOL);

It might be easier to figure out the problem if you clear all the output variables at the start of each loop, or just after they’ve been written to the CSV file. There seems to be a possibility here for the previous company ID and entityname to be retained if they are not found, which may confuse the output.

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