Which website name would you go for?

If you had, for example, one holiday apartment in Long Beach California that you wanted to rent out to it’s full via organic search results on Google and Bing, which one of the following (or maybe another name?) would you make a website for it called:
HolidayApartmentInLongBeach . com
LongBeachHolidayRentals . com
LosAngelesPropertyRentals . com
LosAngelesHolidayApartment . com

LosAngelesHolidayApartment . com

Thank you, it all helps. Can I ask you why you chose that one please?

because is seo relayed. If someone will look for an apartment in Los Angeles…these are they most common and logic keywords he will use.

Thank you both, but isn’t it better to be a big fish in a little pool, rather than a little fish in a big pool? The competition would be a lot less for Long Beach?

Would the extra one below change anyones views?
HolidayApartmentInLongBeach . com
LongBeachHolidayRentals . com
LongBeachHolidayApartment . com
LosAngelesPropertyRentals . com
LosAngelesHolidayApartment . com

some of the main core reason to gain more result which is around 940 / month visitors drop on this particular niche keyword and its variation.

LongBeachHolidayRentals . com-- this one!!

LosAngelesHolidayApartment . com

to be honest … none of the above. It won’t make a lot of difference to SEO. Search for the word ‘chicken’ and none of the first page domain names contain a website with chicken in the name.

It’s too long if you put it on a leaflet or magazine or back of a bus. I can’t be bothered to type that into my phone or laptop.

you may get a slight advantage on the SERP pages as someone might read the domain name but if your title and desc are good then not so much of a problem.

If you search for ‘holiday apartments los angeles’ none of the websites names i see are longer than 2 words and none of them contain ‘los angeles’ in the domain name.

Is there a two word name you could think of?

hope that’s useful


I would not waste time agonising over keywords in the domain name.
It’s a very long way down the list of places to look for keywords to rank your site.
I would go as far as to say that if the spiders have to resort to looking at the URL to find keywords for your page, then they can’t be finding any suitable keywords in your content or anywhere else on the page, which basically means your on-page SEO sucks and you need to give your content some serious attention before anything.

In choosing a domain name, think of your human visitors. People get so obsessed with SEO they forget; people spend money and pay for your products/services, web spiders never spend a penny with you. So pay the people a little attention if you want success.
Choose something memorable and not too long.


I suggest LosAngelesPropertyRentals . com. But why you chose this kind of long domain

Why do you think this is the best choice, @ukoutreachexpert? Without any explanation, your post is of little value.

If you think it’s important enough to dredge up a thread that’s been dormant for two months, then surely you can offer more information.

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Think like a customer here (or what you will do if you plan for a trip to a specific location)
planning for a vacation, fun, holiday, etc. etc.
alone/couple/family/friends etc.

Now what will customer or you will search for: ?
My suggestion
(Exact place name) = Long Beach California (try to make this as relevant and short as possible as you know about the place…
and the right keyword rental, apartment, house, vacation, etc. etc.

Do some research you will find free (ready to buy domains on web), start with 2 or 3 initially and wait for results.
If atleast 1 customer turns out, buy several more and re-direct all to 1 single domain…

Hope I am able to explain ?
We did that for a friend who owns a 100 year old heritage property in South India… (its quite a big place).

Now the place is almost full entire year :slight_smile: (over crowded in peak seasons)

I would prefer to have a shorter url