Which web designer?

I am currently in the process of designing my first website; I have both registered a domain name and got a web host account (hostgator), and I have already pointed my domain to the host

Now its time to design the web site; for my first site I have decided to start with a simple “information resource guide”. Its on a topic I know very well and I feel that there really isnt one as complete and diligent as the one I want to create. The website will not be selling anything directly but I hope to make some money from adsense or something along those lines

I realize that appearance isnt everything and that usability of the website is allot more important, achieving my purpose of creating a simple to use website that has valuble information is my goal

A few things I would like to have in my website;

navigation system; a column on the left side of the web site that will be standardized on all of the web pages.

search engine; to improve the web sites usability, the search engine bar will either be located at the top of the navigation column (left side) or on the top right below the banner.

site map; to create another route to the other pages on the site, to help search engines locate pages on the site

My question is what web designer should I use to create my website? Im looking for a free one at the moment, someone suggested wordpress? kompozer is another, any ideas on that one? I have described above the type of things I will need im just hoping there is a free web designer out there that I can use

thanks ahead of time

ANY web editor or text editor will be able to create what you want. Assuming you understand html and css, and a little bit of JavaScript. (A web designer is a person, not software :wink: )

However if you know nothing about html and css, then you might have to use something that automates parts of the process, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can then produce lots of bloated code, the sort that makes people think it’s the html editor that’s at fault (although some are at fault, such as the legendary dreadful FrontPage…).

To avoid code bloat and code that no-one can help you edit when things go wrong, totally and utterly avoid any web page creator that says “no coding skills required” or “drag and drop”, any program that is just a word processor or desktop publisher with a “save as html” option, and any program that is directly derived from such a program (eg Serif WebPlus). Also avoid any free sitebuilder that you web host provides - you can’t take the code with you if you change hosts, and the only code is the one on the server, so all experiments become live pages, which can be very embarrassing at times.

Don’t whatever you do start out with a visual editor. Start out with a text editor like notepad++, buy this book: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/html2/ and build it the right way using HTML/CSS.

Then, once you understand how it all works, and if you feel the need, move up to dreamweaver or something similar. You’ll be in a position to judge for yourself then if it is helpful or not.

Good luck with your first site, It’s an exciting time to be a web developer :slight_smile:

If you have no interest in learning HTML/CSS don’t bother with Kompozer, dreamweaver, etc… Those programs are great tools but HTML/CSS knowledge is a must. There’s bugs in all of these programs and if you’ve worked 10 hours on a site and don’t know how to manually fix the code when the WYSIWYG messes up then you’re hooped. Go with something like wix.com if you want to be able to easily put together a cookie cutter design and avoid the stress.

I am also starting out and creating my first site, and the book Dr. John recommends is wonderful. Very straightforward and easy to understand. Good luck!

Notepad++ is probably the best text editor I’ve used for web design. It’s layout is relatively simple and it can be customized to check for syntax mistakes (ex. a missing bracket, unclosed tag, etc.). I prefer using that to using WYSIWYG editors because I feel the latter kind of ‘separates’ me from my code, if that makes sense. If you go this route you will not only have a better understanding of HTML and CSS but in the long run you’ll have an easier time using such programs.