Which way is correct? Closing tags

Is one of the the right way, and all the others are wrong?

Wrong or right?

Wrong or right?

Wrong or right?
;"> </div>

Wrong or right?
;"/> </div>


Would be correct

Yea, I cleared it up:

In HTML, there is NO trailing slash for empty tags such as meta tags or img tags.

The trailing slash is an Xhtml convention.

Containers must be closed in HTML.

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There is always a closing tag in HTML. like <p> </p> <title> </title>. In this case div tag must be closed <div> </div>

I know about the div tag, I was more specifically talking about the '/> before it.





There is NEVER such a closing slash in HTML.

Which is why this would be correct.

<img src=" " alt=" ">

Yes, (except that you are missing a closing quote mark after the alt attribute :smile: )

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The div tag pair consists of <div></div> - an opening tag and a closing tag, just like other tag pairs such as <p></p>, <a></a>, <h1></h1>, <span></span>, etc. (Some tags, such as <img> and <br> are self-closing and don’t require a separate closing tag.)

If you have attributes inside a tag, then you need to ensure that any opening quote marks - " or ’ - are also closed.

<div class="whatever">Content here</div>

<img src="https://placebear.com/g/200/300" width="200" height="300">

<a href='https://www.sitepoint.com'>Link to SitePoint</a>

<div style="overflow:hidden; width:150px; height:150px; border-radius: 50%; background-color: green;">Some content</div>

But those quotation marks are part of the attribute; they are not part of the HTML tag. Don’t confuse two different things.

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