Which way forward?

I have a degree equivalent qualification in Information systems (from long time ago my first language was Cobol - No I’m not that old 35) and have since taught myself everything else that i know, C++, C#, Php, Mysql, Linux, HTML, Javascript, etc… In the last few 2 years i have been previlaged enough to be paid developing web applications.

The issue is, I work for a private person and as good as it is, it has its drawbacks. I probably know enough to hold my own and am not fazed by having to learn new things in fact its a buzz.

If i had some great i dea of my own to work on like the next Facebook destroyer :slight_smile: I would not be posting this. While i wait for that eureka moment , unfortunatley I am at the mercy of employers and so far they all want some paper.

I have therefore decieded to gain a formal qualification for my knowledge and have looked at some degree and masters programs. The average fee is about £9800 for a masters and a little less for bachelors. Thing is I am a family man and can’t afford full time education and besides i need to work. £9800 is a lot of money for me and i’m wondering if there are other less expensive but respectable routes i can take get a qualification that can get me a senior IT management position?

There’s always the track I’ve taken. That is I got myself employed by a uni to take advantage of free tuition, etc for employees. Sure it pays a little less, but the benefits more than make up for it.