Which version of Kali Linux should I download to use in Virtualbox? "Instaler images" or "Virtual machines"?

I have VirtualBox installed on Windows 11 and now I would like to install Kali on a virtual machine. However, on the official website, I see two options: “Installer images” and “Virtual machines”. Which one should I use for the virtual machine and what is the difference between them?

I haven’t looked at that specific product, but just based on the description I would say that the installer image is just the product itself, with an install package, so that you can run through the installation routine on a native PC, server or virtual machine, and the virtual machine is where that has already been done for you, and then the various disk image files provided, so all you need to do is start a new VM and use those files directly.

I expect that once you look further into the Virtual Machines options, you will have different downloads depending on whether you’re using VMWare, HyperV, VirtualBox or whatever other VMs might be around now.

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