Which type of post?

For a web design blog, do you prefer well-researched but infrequent posts or frequent stream-of-consciousness thought posts?

I prefer more of the “thoughts on” posts as they’re easy to digest and quick to read. The only problem is they are kind of a “read once” post that you can’t always refer back to.

i much prefer the carefully written post

the stream of consciousness type is simply laziness, and reminds me of chinese food – lots of volume, full of water, and half an hour later you’re hungry again

Haha, I like your analogy there. :slight_smile:

Though I don’t think it’s solely laziness. An edited stream of consciousness post can be valuable if it’s a topic of conflict. If I remember correctly, with the prefix war, people offered their opinions in that way. Though, like you said with the Chinese, half an hour later you’re hungry for more ideas.

prefix war?

The CSS3 vendor prefix debate on who should support what, and how not having prefixes might stifle innovation. Here’s an overview by Chris Coyier: http://css-tricks.com/tldr-on-vendor-prefix-drama/

I just like consistency, some blogs I follow only offer well-researched infrequent posts. But I follow them knowing to expect this. While others I follow because I like the constant stream of posts. Aslong you choose the direction you want to go early on and so your readers know what to expect, I don’t see an issue.

Your intended audience will shape the type of post you should end up providing the majority of the time. While I would like to do more stream on conscious-type of posts (and not because I’m lazy, they’re admittedly just easier to write :slight_smile: ), those don’t receive as much traffic (in hits and stickiness) as our longer and more-researched articles.

Vary the type of posts or have a section in each type. A variation in posts surprises your audience and there is a chance they are coming back for more.

I prefer the first one, this type of post shows that you know what you’re doing and good at it. anyway, what’s your definition for frequent term? Once a week? twice a week?

Yes, I prefer well-researched but infrequent posts or frequent stream-of-consciousness thought posts.