Which tool do you use for writing?

almost all of online content are in HTML , so I use some HTML tool for my writing.

at beginning , I write it by online editor, it is easy to write and publish quickly but it easy lose content once webpage refresh or upload failed .

And then , using MS WORD, but only use for couple of days , because content always mess up after copy to online editor .

Now, kompozer is my content writing tool . it easy to use and the most important that the content as the same as online editor view includes images .

Which tool do you use for writing ?

Yes, most of my online writing is done through a CMS, so I use a web editor.

I use my brain. It has the novelty of turning out more surprising results than a CMS or code editor force fit to the task.

Code editors and CMS text windows are not writing tools. They’re typing tools.

@DCrux ++

I use Open Office Writer, it does not mess you’re code up, MS Word is probably the worse for messing your code up. Client’s often provide content in Ms Word, so I naturally just paste them out of there and get them into my HTML.

I have self-hosted WordPress and I just use my humble Word from Microsoft…

I have never found a writing or rewriting software that I found good enough.

Now I just outsource until a usable tool comes along. Hiring a rewriter is inexpensive and easy.

I use text note pad or wordpress myself. :smiley:

I use Microsoft Office - Word. After I’m finish, I just copy/paste the content into my “new post” section on wordpress, arrange the test a little and hit publish.

I use MS Word and html editor

I am using MS word to write my articles.

I use Word sometimes for print documents. But it’s the last thing I would use for web copy. But I guess I have less patience dealing with all the character encoding issues it introduces than other members do.

For web content I used plain old Notepad for years. Recently I started using Notepad++ and only use Notepad for simple clipboard stuff now.

For web content I used plain old Notepad for years. Recently I started using Notepad++ and only use Notepad for simple clipboard stuff now.

Interesting nobody mentioned any kind of CMS.

Guess the CMS was never meant for writers.

I always go with My own words and thoughts created on d basis of R n D done on them…:slight_smile:

Ditto… I use the Word Paste button. It gives me about 90% ready. I add images etc.

The issues that I’ve had with CMSs are that it is not always as easy or obvious to save as you go, and the text manipulation can be a bit iffy. If I write the text in a Windows application and save it onto my hard drive at frequent intervals, there’s a much smaller chance of the application/website crashing and losing all that work!

I’m another avid Microsoft Office-Word user.

If the content is in the design, then I use Crimson Editor. This is my “code” editor. Most of the time though my content is in a forum or blog, so I use directly that platform.

Usually use CMS web editor
but sometimes, if i want to edit various content files,
i use editplus, especially for code editing

I am also using MS word to write my articles.