Which technologies for stock analysis web application?

I’m trying to build stock analysis web application. In this app you can register and have your own profile where you can save your favorite stocks chart, do papertrading etc. The main functionality will be that you can open any stock,commodity chart by entering their symbol, after that I want to show interactive real time chart where you can draw trend lines, add indicators like moving average or volume. Free data will be used from Yahoo finance or Google Finance.

I have beginner knowledge only in Java SE,EE, but I’m willing to learn new technologies in the process of development. So I would like to use Java for back-end, but I dont know what to use for front-end and database layer.

So which technologies would you recommend to me? What would you use for displaying charts? What for database? I’m thinking Spring boot+ React, Hibernate+postgreSQL thoughts?

-thank you.

I would suggest to go with Spring Boot. But not sure of Angular2 or React. I have used Angular1 previously and here are many external Angular1 library for dynamic charts and all other UI features but I can’t tell about Angular2. Coming to repository layer, I would suggest Spring - Jdbc instead of Hibernate.

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