Which SEO techniques should i use to get first page ranking in 2013?

Hello Everyone , I have a seo project for SEO from one of my client. It is a technology website and i want to know what seo techniques should i use for getting first page ranking in Google . Should i do social bookmarking or directories if yes then how much should i do. And what other techniques for getting ranking. Please suggest. Thanks

[FONT=Verdana]I’m sorry, but these questions are much too broad and vague to attract meaningful answers. There is a whole wealth of information in the sticky threads at the top of this forum. I suggest you start by reading them and also reading some of the other threads here which interest you. I would also recommend you download and read Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide. After that, if you still have specific questions, please feel free to post again.

Meanwhile, thread closed.[/FONT]