Which script?


Im looking for an eCommerce script that can be used for a digital download store where people can also make accounts and sell their own products on it. Something like themeforest.

What are some scripts that have those features?

With Wosci v057 (Wordpress and oscommerce integrated) you can allow your authorized users to add their product.

some screens from Wosci storefront on twentyten theme ->


-> all Wordpress themes supported

Check “Digital Goods Delivery” listing at PayPal.com:

Check out the live demo of Multivendor

You can check http://www.cs-cart-commerce.com/
The milti-vendor solution will available very soon.

I have use big commerce for my site www.newweddingrings.com , it seems to be work pretty well and they have a lot of features on there. Highly recommended.

This type of site is called a marketplace, and Ubercart Marketplace is one of the most popular platforms.