Which script could do this? Is there an existing script that does this?

Hi there, I just had an idea and I don’t know how to realize it in term of scripting. Basically it’s a simple “contact form” but it is not really a contact form. Let me explain below with an example.

You have a website page with two or three input fields:

Sender email:

Receiver email:

(optional) Custom message from sender

and a reCaptcha for preventing bots to use the service.

After that, when you click on send, the receiver will receive an email saying “Hey, someone (emailofsender@email.com) has sent you an email with this custom message: […]. You can reply now to him/her by replying to this email”.

The sender will receive an email says “Your email to [receiveremail@email.com] has been sent! Congrats!”.

I will also need to be able to edit the PHP/HTML template that will be sent, both for the receiver and the sender.

My question then is… is there already some sort of script that just do this and I don’t know the name or how to search the web for it? Should I maybe contact some php developer who will create the script for me? Let me know, any help is really appreciated.

Glauco (Norman)

You can take any existsing contact form script (there is a tons of them) and slightly modify it.
Usually, that scripts have a line like that:

mail($to_email, $subject, $message); 

where $to_email is receiver address
all what you need is add “from” header with sender address:

mail($to_email, $subject, $message, "From: $from_email");

Thank you so much for your reply, megazoid. I understand what you’re suggesting, by the way I’m not good at PHP coding and I’ll need to spend a lot of time learing it in order to professionally edit and create the script to be like I want it to be, which is teorically how I described it in the first post.

I will likely stay more on the organization and design side of the script… so I was asking if is there a script like this that doesn’t need modifications to be used (free or paid). Or at least if someone can code it for me from scratch or editing an existing free contact form script for a decent price. I’ll need to design manually the page interfaces and the HTML/CSS codes for it. The same for the email templates that will be sent.

I can do it for you. Contact me through PM, if you’re interested.

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Take a look at http://www.felgall.com/php2.htm

The free script will do what you require - you just need to set up the HTML for the form with the fields the script uses and any others you need.

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There are definitely many free contact form scripts out there that you can find and put into a website with minimal time or expense required, provided you have the ability to do so, or know someone who can. A Google search will turn up a lot of them!

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