Which react/JS project should I build for my first job portfolio?

Hello. In need of your help to decide which project to build for my portfolio to land for my first job as a web developer.
I’ve learned some html/css/js/react on mdn and from video courses. As far as I understand, you need a pretty and somewhat complex project to showcase for your future employer. Can’t decide which one to build, where to start and what functionality should it contain.
What would you advise? I googled some projects, and now my ideas are e-commerce shop or a clone of a popular website, like imdb, airbnb, hackernews etc. The truth is, I didn’t practice much myself, only followed udemy tutors coding.
Do little experiments/apps count as a showcase, too? The React tech I would probably use include: hooks, context, reducer, next.js, material-ui and router.
Thanks in advance for all the input.

In that case, I’d suggest you start small and work on coding things for yourself - small projects - to get some real-world practice. There is no substitute for working on things yourself.

When you have a bit more practical experience, then you can think about building a portfolio. By that time, you might have more ideas for an original project, rather than a clone of another site.

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It’s not so much what you build, rather that you should demonstrate your grasp of skills which are relevant in building a modern web application. Take the Hacker news clone, for example — ok, there are quite a few of these on the net, but building one yourself as an SPA would demonstrate your knowledge of data fetching, error handling, routing, state management, design (if you choose to make it look nice), version control and so on…

Personally, I wouldn’t worry about building something novel, eye-catching and flashy, so much as just building something. You have to start somewhere and you can always iterate as you go…

Good luck :slight_smile:


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