Which Platform is Best for Creating new Shopping Website?

Hey There
I have a Huge Doubt about Creating New Website
I want Create New Website Like Coupon, Shopping and Promo Code Sites
So Which Platform is Best for my Website like Php, java, .net, Perl, ruby and some other databases etc

please guide me which one is good ,best and Better

Welcome to SitePoint, @harrynama. This question has been asked quite a few times on this forum. You might find some interesting answers by doing a search for “best e-commerce platform”. One such thread, for example, is https://www.sitepoint.com/community/t/which-ecommerce-platform-choose-to-develop-my-website/27762 .

Let us know if you still have some questions after you have checked out some of these threads.


Well, first of all, you must say about the size of your website. Secondly, how much would you willing to pay for maintaining that site. From that, people can make a better advice for you.

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