Which PHP Tool is best for making my website?

I am running a business website and want to redesign my website. I am not a professional designer and want to design my website in tools like wordpress. Is there any other PHP tool like wordpress to design my website? Guide me Please

What you want is a CMS (content management system). WordPress is just one of many, but it is primarily designed as a blog, so if that’s not what you want, consider some other options. If you are not a designer/coder. you might be better off with a hosted solution (where you don’t necessarily have to touch the code)—something like BusinessCatalyst.

WordPress is not only one of many, but the leader platform / cms.
it WAS designed for blogs, but it’s the best option for any website, e.g. Corporate, for MANY reasons no matter how you look at it.

If you are handy with coding Learn WordPress instead of any database or dynamic pages system.
If you are not, do it in WordPress anyway, and you can get a theme now or later (no need to learn any html or script now)
If you are just concerned in traffic (as you should) and SEO, just focus in your content and make a nice corporate design later, and give it to some html-to-wordpress company, or a custom wordpress theme company like socialblogsitewebdesign.com

Keep in mind WorPress is NOT a programming language but an API. Although, a wordpress theme IS the script itself that generates the page. It’s not just a “skin”. The theme is the one in charge of rendering the code the way you want. If you download or buy any theme you like “in general”, you can always edit it and modify it the want you want. It’s easy to find where each thing happens, so you can add needed divs with IDs and Classes to style it with your corporate design.

If you are asking this question though, you are probably the owner, so my experienced answer as an SEO is get a Godaddy Linux hosting, it’ll install Wordpress for you with a click (apps) and build the whole pages structure (content) and design the content strategy (blog, comments, articles, facebook comments, facebook images) FIRST. Forget about design for now, and LATER once you have all working in WordPress and in your head, get a theme designed for your needs or just learn how to do it yourself with the WordPress API. One of the worst things is to have a designer building an expensive website and then figuring out the content and user interaction/ flow across the pages doesn’t help your marketing and SEO. Let alone a cheap site, where you’ll be deliver what the “developer” wants (cheap sites are made by a guy like you downloading a free template and selling it with a new logo as a “website”)

Good luck.