Which options are there to create a frontend for a data / analytics website on top of a MongoDB


I’ve got a MongoDB (could change into MySQL as well) filled with data.
Now I’d like to offer this data to visitors of my website as kind of a … DIY analysis.

If anybody knows Metabase: That’s very similar to what I have in mind (or Qlik Sense / Qlik View for more popular example).

I have read into AngularJS and D3 - but that seems to be very coding heavy. Since I’d like to focus on the backend / data, is there anything more like … a Drupal or WordPress for the front end?
So that I can basically click together my desired frontend?
Open Source is always preferred, possible languages are PHP and Python, ideally user login etc. are already taken care of and I could really focus on the data and the idea / marketing.


Start with the MEAN stack: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. Then consider a development framework like React, Vue, Gatsby, or Ember. Use JSON API or GraphQL to connect the existing data in your MongoDB instance to the JavaScript frameworks.

Not sure what “DIY analysis” is but once you have familiarity & experience building MEAN stack solutions with different development frameworks, you should have good business as a web developer.

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