Which one would make more $$$$$?

780x90 leaderboard - more money per click and probably more clicks.


780x90 leaderboard/468x60banner - more fills?

which one do you use for your site?

780x90 leaderboard get more exposed to your visitors so i would go with it

What niche are you in and what type of website is it (blog, MFA, Portal, Forum)?


780x90 is best but i would prefer 300x250 :slight_smile:

780x90 leaderboard contribute more revenue for me

Yes, It depend on your site layout

I used 468x60banner…
The effect is very good

Apart from the placement of the advertisement, it’s also important to take into account other factors such as the site it’s being placed on, who is going to see it, how it contrasts with the websites scheme (etc). You haven’t told us anything about the website, anything about the banners, anything about the target audience or anything about anything really, yet you expect us to be able to make prophecies about what will make more money? It sounds to me like you need to-do a LOT more research into what you’re buying. There’s no way anyone can logically answer your question based on what you’ve said. :slight_smile:

It would depend on the site’s layout, where the banner is placed in the layout (top, bottom or middle) and the type of ad itself. PPC, CPM or CPA.

Generally speaking, the larger banner will get more clicks, but if the smaller one was placed within the content, say in the middle of the page, it is slightly less noticeable and therefore might be clicked on more, whether by accident or not. Which of course, would be a good for a PPC ad.

The best way to tell is to split test both of them. I would use a site rotation and rotate both adds in the rotation. that way you will see what works better.