Which one is the best web statistics?

Contest among all the web statistics company that which company is the best.
When we will research on online to find the best web statistics company then we find
Omniture, Coremetrics, WebTrends, GoStats, StatCounter etc. I think these are the tops web statistics company.
But I want to know which is the number ONE company of those company.

The thing with web statistics is that there are lots of ways of gathering statistics and none of them are accurate.

The best would be to use as many as you can find in combination as then you may be getting results closer to the truth.

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All external companies rely on external files embedded into your site to gather stats. For this reason, no stat company will be able to gather 100% of the data pertaining to said sites’ traffic because the browser connections to download these files can and are blocked by a %'age of users. As felgall says, none of these companies have accurate data about any site.

The only reliable source of traffic data is the site’s hosting server logs. So a better question to ask is, “What’s the best web site statistics program”. To that question, I would answer aWstats from the line-up of gpl/opensource programs.

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Hello Metho, Thanks for your reply.
Yeah, may be it’s my mistake.
But I want to know the best website statistics program. So, you like awstats.
Ok, I have to think about it.

Then what’s the best program?
I ask you because you told that none of them accurate.
So, please tell me which is best.

i think free Google analytic is the best, its free but it give u loads of data, u can then combine this with the other free webstatics that come with the hosting and u are good to go

Google analytic is one of the best. But still it depends on the user.

Indeed. It’s very easy to block Google Analytics from tracking you. For a start, anybody with JS disabled will not be counted. Google now has a provision for people to opt out of being tracked by Analytics and there are also various browser extensions which will do that, such as Ghostery, (which blocks a whole range of trackers).

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It was easy enough to do even before Google added an option.

Just after Analytics was introduced I added an entry to the hosts file on my computer so that the analytics script would never load on my computer.

The biggest problem with Analytics is that it relies on JavaScript and so completely ignores anyone with that disabled even if people don’t block it so as to improve the efficiency of their internet connection.

The best solutions are ones that run on the server where your site is and work from the server logs so as to not slow down your web site.

Google Analytics or Piwik are the only good options in my opinion.

If you need some overpriced enterprise stuff, I would go with anything that’s not IBM. We recently evaluated WebTrends and they want WAY too much money from us. Pretty good software from what I could tell though, just insanely priced even for enterprise stuff.

Thanks for the answer, Mr. Bear :wink:

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