Which one is a good Free Hosting

I spent 6 hours doing research on free hosting, read 100s of reviews and still didn’t reach any conclusion. I want to use a free hosting that has a reliable uptime and don’t show downtimes, I know what I am saying doesn’t make sense as I am talking about free but I think if visitors are less so something like that should be available.
I have hostgator but at that account I did a mistake and purchased the hatchling which only support 1 domain, so now I want to make another site which will have few visitors, can someone tell me honestly which free service is good, below is the list of names that I heard around internet, can someone tell me one name and give me a reason why?

servers free

No such animal.

If you bother to read earlier threads on this topic, you’ll find the consensus is that they do more harm to your online reputation than it would cost to get an inexpensive account on a shared server. On the other hand, if all you want to do is post jokes, others have recommended 000webhosting.



That’s almost an entire work day wasted.

When we were on Go Daddy years ago, we had a similar limit of only one domain per account for the plan we were on. But using domain forwarding (or whatever they called it) plus mod_rewrite we were able to get around that limitation and host multiple domains on the account.

I think it was called domain forwarding where you can point another domain name at your hosting account. Under normal circumstances, the secondary domain would display your main site, since all you could have is one domain name. Using mod_rewrite, we caught the request for the forwarded domain and rewrote the request to a subfolder which held the secondary website. So instead of displaying the main site, the forwarded domain would display the intended second site.

In that way we got around Go Daddy’s one hosted domain per account limit.

I don’t know if that will work with your web host. You can try it and see.


It was called domain aliasing when we were on Go Daddy. I found the old thread where I asked how it could be done and where dklynn gave me great advice.

Thanks for this wonderful advice, if it works out for me, it will be really awesome as the other site that I am trying to make are very very less important but still they are required so domain forwarding is one awesome idea. I hope I get success in doing so.

Free hosting is a form of hosting that should only be used if you are desperate and really don’t care too much about ads or your site getting well indexed and picked up for SEO purposes. Free does have an actual cost to the real value of your website to users and visitors. A shared hosting plan with a reputable and reliable company is usually fairly cheap. The value you get from being with an actual paid host that doesn’t run ads and won’t disappear overnight is far greater than the value you might think you are getting with a free hosts. Paid hosting will only cost you a few dollars a month and the return on that will be much better exposure for your site and more visitors who want to return to your site.

If you want to host sites in a free server with no downtime then you can take a look into popular site builder application. I do not not want to name one but I know there are few which support TLD domain and free with minimum downtime. You can Google.

Everything has a value, including your own time. How much do you value 6 hours work at? Even the minimum wage at 6 hours would have paid for reasonable shared hosting for a year.

I find them as one of the best free hostings around…

I’ve spent 10 years bouncing around different hosting companies and this is what i learned.

small websites - netfirms
big websites (virtual hosting, dedicated server) - hostgator - AMAZING!

There are many free web hosting sites. But in my point of view 000webhost.com is the best free web host site. I suggesst you to join this free web host site. I hope you will enjoy.

Awardspace is good. It does what it says and doesn’t put ads on your website. As good as you can expect from free hosting, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

It’s better off to spend a bit more money for a more reliable hosting service. But if you’re really looking for free hosting, I guess I would recommend Servers Australia, they usually have some promotions going on.