Which of the following URLs isbetter?


Say I have the domain lala-hosting.zz and I am targeting the keyword “dedicated hosting”, Which of the following domains is better from a SEO perspective ?

1- [noparse]www.lala-hosting.zz/dedicated-hosting/myfile.aspx[/noparse]


2- [noparse]www.lala-hosting.zz/dedicated/myfile.aspx[/noparse]

Does repeating the keyword more than once in the URL has a negative effect ?


i refer this:

I would always try to keep URLs brief. If there is any chance that people are typing them in, you want to minimise the chance of them mis-spelling any of the words, and that is particularly true when you have multiple words - are they run-in or is there a hyphen or underscore between them? You know the right answer, but lots of potential customers can and will get it wrong, usually leading to 404 errors and the potential customer going elsewhere.

Adding keywords to the URL for the sake of it doesn’t help anyone, and increases the risk of your site being flagged as a spam-box, because that’s one of the tell-tale signatures of spam sites. There’s no point in featuring a keyword more than once in the URL, and any potential SEO benefits of including keywords at all have to be weighed against the known risks of making your URLs longer and more complicated than they need to be.

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When you’re using dummy URLs to explain the point, please don’t allow them to become clickable links. If they start with http:// or www. then you need to un-tick the “Automatically parse links in text” box. If you leave it ticked, we end up with a load of outbound links to dummy sites.

I also refer this URl Because your targeted keywords is Dedicated Hosting and you used your target keyword in this url , in seo point of view its a very important point.

1- hosting.zz/dedicated-hosting/myfile.aspx


Well I prefer first one www.lala-hosting.zz/dedicated-hosting/myfile.aspx.


From a SEO perspective I really doubt Google will care what link you choose. There are far more websites out there with a poor link structure, and whereas it may help you a bit it’s not going to be enough to move you in rankings.

So, as a rule, go with the simplest, most unique URL you can. There’s no need to duplicate the word hosting as it’s already in your domain, so I would go with http://www.lala-hosting.zz/dedicated/myfile.aspx.

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Thanks Everybody , especially Stevie :slight_smile: You absolutely have a point. I didn’t pay attention to the links issue.

Keeping URL smaller is good practice and if it is matching with any of your sites keyword then more better.