Which Network would you like to see on this analyzer tool?


I would like to get your opinion as to which additional networks would
work well with out Network Analyzer Tool.

We are running the CB SUPER ANALYZER which analyzes the entire Clickbank
product range and gives free graphs on historic data as well as keyword analysis.
In its present form it is incredibly useful for Clickbank users.

We already have Click2Sell running as a Beta test - but what other networks would
you like to see being analyzed by this free analyst site ?

Do you think PAYDOTCOM members would benefit from
such a free service?

What about Plimus ?

Other networks ?
Would appreciate your input - which networks would
best be suited to this platform ?

This is NOT a plug for the site - I am just looking for suggestions from
both affiliates and product owners about which networks to approach.

You can see the platform here: CB SUPER ANALYZER

Dave Scribes

I am vendor in clickbank so i want to say thank you very much for this great tool

Thanks for your reply.

The tool is pretty new.
What other networks do people here use and would
fit this analytical tool ?

Tameem - a tip for you. There are not many people
using the free ad spot on the “Pick of the Day”.
If you have a website with any amount of traffic ( you
just need 2 clicks a weeks) then your product will almost certainly
get free traffic from the “Pick of the Day” spot.


I mainly use clickback for products, but am also looking into Paydotcom (which you mentioned) and ComissionJunction, so you may want to think about that one as well.

Would also like to thank you for producing such a great tool. I have used it a few times looking for clickbank products to promote.

Hello TheSandi,

Thanks for your kind comment.

As of today - we now have Click2Sell and PayDotCom
on the same Super Analysis Tool.

I will look at Commission Junction to see what we can do.

Hope you like it - any feedback appreciated.