Which Navigational menu is this?


I am trying to find out the menu being used here


Is it slide out jquery vertical menu ?

Can i find out a tutorial on this particular navigational menu ?

Let’s find out. The id value for the navigation menu is “main_nav”

The page source doesn’t show anything relating to that, but the following script does:


  jQuery("#main_nav li ul").hide();

  jQuery("#main_nav > li").hover(
      var x = jQuery(this).addClass("active").find("ul").show();
      if( $(this).attr("id") == "nav_8" )
        var y = x.parent();


I typically turn to Stu Nicholls when it comes to menu designs and naming schemes for them.

“Dropdown with flyout menus” is a good description for that type of menu.
Stu has an example on his site that uses pure CSS to achieve the same effect, which might be a more portable solution for you.


The scripting code looks to be a custom job, so I doubt it, no.

However, if you do a search you’ll find results such as:
25 jQuery Drop Down Menu Scripts

Awesome answer, Paul. Not only did you provide an excellent answer, you walked the poster (and me!) through the process.

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I’m glad that it worked out so well.


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