Which links are not indexed?

Is there any method to know which pages, links from sitemap are not indexed by google.
For example, in webmaster tools it says 3200 links submited and 3125 indexed.
I’m interesed to know which of sitemap links are not indexed, or which are indexed, if there is such method.

It could be any number of reasons, bear in mind that a sitemap is only a “suggestion” to search engines.

  1. It can take time for the spider to look at every page, from a few days to a few months
  2. Search engines won’t automatically index every page, eg
  • if it thinks the page has low value or isn’t useful/relevent
  • if there is duplication
  • lower value pages such as terms and conditions etc
  • there will be many other reasons!

The real reason why they don’t index all pages is really only know to the search engine boffs.

My advice - don’t worry about it, you have most of your pages indexed, probably the most important ones?

You can check which pages are indexed by google by a simple command site:sitename.com

And you suggest the OP does this and looks through the 3,125 indexed pages to see which they are and work out from there which ones are missing?