Which Laptop are you using?

Hi all

I would like to know your experience with your laptop.

Can you post some information about which laptop are you using and whats are pros and cons of your laptop ?

Is anybody using dell vostro ?


I’m using a Samsung R530 and a HP Probook. Both are doing what I want them to do without any problems.

Why do you ask? Are you planning on buying a new laptop? If so, you should tell us what you want to use them for, so people can give you more specific tips.

I am using Dell Inspiron N4030. Well it’s 2+ years old but still working well. I am satisfied with her!!! :bouncy3:

About Dell Vostro – Vostro machines are very good in terms of performance. :cool:

I use a Macbook Air and it’s bloody brilliant.

You say that as if you think two years is old. My Lenovo is coming up for 8 years old and still going strong, running Ubuntu Linux. :slight_smile: Admittedly, it’s not my “everyday” machine - I usually use a desktop - but it’s certainly had plenty of use in that time.

Thumbs up man. I believe desktop is better than laptop because of rock solid performance. I wish good luck for your Lenovo laptop. :cool:

I am using “Dell Inspiron 5521”. I bought it about 3 months ago and it is working very good.

Emma Inspiron laptops are cool in terms of design but performance is good as well.

I am Samsung laptop and its going fine

I also use a Macbook Air and I have never been more happy with a laptop. You have it all with this laptop: performance, battery, speed and it’s light as a feather.

When using laptop, Samsung, Dell and HP are good. I’m not familiar with dell vostri

I am using HP Pavilion g6, with 6GB ram, it 1,5 year old.

Yes I have used dell vostro for 1 year and its working fine. I am a web designer and its working fine for it.


I have a Samsung (can’t remember the model right now) Core i5, 6GB RAM. It’s about 1 year old. And I’m very happy with it.

I think that what I like the most is that I have a numerical keyboard included. That’s so handy for me :smiley:

I use samsung laptop too for work and play… Still doing good and having no problem at all…

I’ using DELL the old one.

I’ved used a dell, company and toshiba. I think its really not in the brand but how you use the laptop and how you install programs on it. Most of the time we just install and uninstall stuff on the laptop, not knowing that it will hurt the operating system and sometimes even crash the pc.


I am using lenevo laptop and it will very handy for me do my personal works. There is no problems facing by me from one year.


Hp core i3, fulfill my all requirements.

Macbook air for the win!