Which keyword is best to choose?

which keyword is best to choose high competitive keywords or low competitive keywords to increase traffic for a website?

The competitiveness of a keyword isn’t always the same as the amount of traffic it produces

Keyword is depends on the site and product no one can say anything about it with out the information of domain.

Many keywords has high search volume in Globally and monthly but those keywords do not give desired traffic after getting top position so choose those keywords have normally searched by users.

high competitive keywords is best to increase traffic for a website . first we do country and then we do for world wide,:cool:


I think your question is in place. Most people think that targeting the biggest keywords of their market is the best strategy. However, this is totally wrongful for new players who try to penetrate to a highly competitive market. On many cases, it is wiser to “attack” smaller keywords which your site have a better chance to grab.

low competitive keyword works well. Who wants many competitions? None! right?

But only in the situation when it does nice search amount per month