Which keyword is best for keywords ranking on search engine?

I have keywords with two phase, one ranking on in 100 while second one is ranking 500+.

Keywords is look like php programmer and php programmers, difference is only “s” at end of keywords.

php programmer - 100
php programmers – 500

Which keyword, I have to target for seo, so I can get my both keywords ranking on search engine.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Its better to choose php programmers.As it has both words in it.Get quality back links so that you will be ranked better for that keyword.

Singulars or plurals don’t make a big difference. You can use both of them together by evenly distributing them in the content of your website. As far targeting one out of the two, I’ll suggest you to use the one with ‘s’ as in my opinion, takes care of both the variants.

You should go for the php programmers. Other keyword will autmatically be covered in it. I hope so…

Well firstly work on only php programmers the other word will be covered within that but once you notice that your this keyword is stable and on first page and the one without s is not stable then start working individually on that. It worked for one of my keyword

use google adword tool to check the local and global serach for these keyword from there you will get an idea which keyword to target more over php programmers contain php programmer in it so its best to target it

Use keyword tool by google to analyze competition and other factors!

you can search the best keyword from word tracker. here you easliy find the High traffic.word tracker tool is really helpful

Well, you have to do is a little research on the two keywords it. You can use the keyword tools provided by Google. Choose one of the greatest search volume

Actually it does make a difference. Google will see them as two distinct phrases.

Ranking for generic keywords require time and constant hard work. In a situation like this one have to plan a strategy by first targeting key phases like “professional php programmer” “php programmer services” or something like that, once you start ranking for these type of phases you’ll definitely going to win the game.

A bit strong, perhaps! I wouldn’t like to say “definitely” about anything to do with SEO … yes, you can give yourself a better chance of building up to the big words by first targeting narrower niches, but nothing is ever certain or guaranteed!

Opt for ‘php programmers’. Using keyword tools, we always choose for the one with more local search volumes. Google keyword tool or wordtracker are great tools.

Concentrate more on the keyword that is having more searches but don’t forget to use both the keywords in your page title, description and tags in a balanced proportion. This will help in improving the ranking for other keyword as well.

The singular keywords are searched more in comparison to the plural keywords. But to be more specific on it you should go for Google Keyword tools.

I think that you need to use keywords with more requests. But their should be no less than 10. I looked at Semrush, which words you can use: hire php programmer(320),freelance php programmer(170),programmer(4400),php scripts(2900),php define(1900).

Keyword with “s” is the best choice as it covers the singular keyword also. Make sure that you look into every aspect before targeting this keyword like competition and search count and only then make your decision to take up a specific keyword.

Since random guesses are being sent rather than answers supported by some reasoning and logic, there’s no real point in this discussion devolving even more into the land of fluff.