Which Javascript library suitable for form builder Please advise

I was trying today something with JQuery UI. The form: Drag and drop feature etc.
JS is a huge world of technology and it has so many distributaries: libraries.

Apart from database interaction if we look around the whole Internet is forms.

I was looking for learning for some JS library that can help me achieve such an objective to create a form builder by the end of this year

I have a couple of questions:

  1. I tried some free tutorials online and found that vue.js is not so tough as initially, I thought it to be intimidating. Still, I completely could not have a deep understanding of what vue.js is capable of, as no one can have in one glance or a crash course. If there are many libraries that do the same job what will be the selection point in making sure that we choose the right resources.

  2. I have one more question → Is react.js does the same task as vue.js, in lieu of what I have asked above?

I will be thankful to everyone who can share such insights.

React and Vue are quite similar to each other. React was created purposely for Facebook, and later on Vue was made to be easy to learn with good documentation.

More details about the differences between them can be found in the following article:

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I read it and got more confused.

The green signal for me is vue.js →

  1. Easy to Learn
  2. Good Documentation

What is your take on the subject? or the answer is too subjective? which way will you go if you want to build a drag and drop form builder?

It is subjective, but I would go Vue too.

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I think they can all do the same. If you have no experience with either it’s probably similar learning curve to pick up the one you prefer (I personally think Vue is a bit easier). React is more popular than Vue though (more developers and larger community). There are tons of comparison of these two online. I think it’s more of a personal preference thing rather than a right or wrong decision.

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More than right or wrong decisions are always tough when competing and closed choices are there and require not only critical thinking but also selective judgments to move on.

Thanks for replying.

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