Which is your most profitable content topic?


I’m researching for this future blog post. The idea / overlying theme of my blog post will be to show that specific topics such as automobiles and medical terminology don’t really help and online content startups must focus on topics they are passionate about and add value to by creating excellent content.

Would like to know which content topics have been most profitable for you in terms of:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate sales
  • Other revenue source (Mention the source)

Now, this has to be your personal experience. It should not be your opinion or something you might have heard or read somewhere.

So, diversified survey results will prove good for my theme. However, be entirely honest. If this overall idea is wrong, it must be shot down right now.


in terms of ads, affiliate sales, and other revenue sources, ~all~ my content has exactly the same profitability, regardless of the topic

:lol::rofl: $0.00 :rofl::lol:

LOL … @Shyflower Can’t be true, he’s a published author!

sri, the book is different – this forum is about content writing for web sites

i publish all kinds of content on my web sites, and none of it has made a dime

why is there this universal (mistaken) belief that web sites have to make money?

here’s a question for you, sri – if a web site makes no money, what good is it?

I may have posted this in the wrong section. If so, can the mods move it?

>> here’s a question for you, sri – if a web site makes no money, what good is it?

Depends on the objective of the site. My personal blog is for self marketing and it doesn’t make a dime.

Other might just enjoy writing and putting stuff out there without worrying about revenues.

It all depends on the writer of the content. I see a lot of people starting blogs about usability or SEO because those are the latest buzzwords and they think they can earn money with it.
Those blogs will never get a good, loyal userbase. Only the writers who write about something that is their interest, hobby or passion will succeed, whatever the topic is. And not immediately, but after some time. And if they don’t worry about revenue, Google Ranking and visitors. Good content and patience, a lot of patience. That’s what is needed.

Each and every type of article is beneficial, we just need to do proper research while writing the articles. I usually take around 2 to 3 days for one article but it brings a lot of benefits for my blog but after publishing the article, we need to properly promote it for better benefits.

Here it’s -11 degrees in Olde York, so the most profitable topic would have to be:
“Turning snow into liquid gold”
or “how to get the neighbourhood cats to release your ice-bound car.”

Apart from that, it’s: “How to get your website on the first page of Google results without paying for SEO, without paying you, and without admitting that content writing is a skill with a value.”

If I sound cynical, forgive me. Does any one else feel that writing is an under-valued skill?

A writing on any topic can definitely give results if you do not forget to put the things, which is naturally supposed to be associated with the topic and you are good enough in composing contents that circle round the topic and make a smooth flow, step by step, making your readers find and understand what they might really be looking for.

There must be consistent flow in the content. For instance if your topic is Bordeaux Wines, then you must start an introduction of wines and then Bordeaux in particular, move to its meaning, then its public picture( in this you can write what the general public understand by Bordeaux wines), then its advantages and must not forget the disadvantage part too. In the same way for the automobile or drug articles.

As long as you are teaching something to your audience and providing value, the profits will follow

That is definitely going to be health related topics (I’m saying this based on my experience). type in “anxiety” at google. You will find a ton of websites having this kind of topic and they all get a lot of money from it. Yet, a lot of people today would still want to have this topic on their health blogs/sites. Why? because no matter how many people are doing marketing with this single keyword alone, it will still be profitable. That’s how health related topics sells.

But of course, any topic can be very profitable. It all depends on how skillful you are in making them make money for you.

Your question reminds me of the PerfectMarket report I saw back in Nov. about the most profitable news topics (not quite the same but related). They found that articles about Social Security or Mortgage Rates fetched the highest revenue per thousand.

Here is the report:

My most profitable content is that which is written by others on content sites like forums.

Most profitable: Orthodontics. It’s a pretty narrow niche.

Most profitable content would be the stuff about which you have good knowledge… because you can update it as you have the stuff…

It is indeed a narrow niche but you have to be would that really be a profitable topic?