Which is the better server?

Please let me know what server you prefer between the two, they are same price:


6GB RAM guaranteed up to 12GB RAM
3 cores guaranteed (1.5Ghz per core guaranteed)
Parent server is Intel Xeon X5670 @ 2.93Ghz

SERVER TWO is dedicated

4 cores
Parent server is Intel Core i7-920 @ 2.67Ghz

Please vote with your comment.
Thanks a lot!

I’d probably go dedicated. The CPU power you’re getting based on benchmarks seems about equal, but IMHO you can’t beat the really guaranteed part of a dedicated. And the guaranteed memory you’re getting (which is what I would really rely on in the case of a VPS) is also in the dedicated server’s advantage.

Now, many would tell you that these days the limit you’re most likely to go against is the I/O capacity, which is dictated by the hard disks, so the exact configuration there would also matter. Still, not sharing the disks with anyone is likely to be a significant advantage in itself - siding with the dedicated again.

Just my personal opinions, I’m not a server admin.

I think VPS is best of all. All the best

What if i say the VPS has RAID 10 hard disk and dedicated has RAID1?
Will anything change? although i don’t know the speed of the VPS but the dedicated has 7200rpm

The other consideration not discussed is port speed. Without knowing what the server is going to be used for it’s hard to make a recommendation one way or another.

What if i say the VPS has RAID 10 hard disk and dedicated has RAID1?

From most accounts I’ve read, RAID 10 would be the winner. You get redundancy (at the cost of space) but also better performance. You can probably change the RAID on the dedicated.

When it comes to RAID, the number of drives is important too, not just the spin speed.

Personally, of the 2, I’d go for the dedic, I’ve tried a few cloud solutions myself and always found the disk io to be a bit more of a bottleneck.

You should be able to change and configure the raid on the dedic, but RAID1 equates to a mirror which is better than none from a reliability point of view.

The Core i7-920 is 4 cores, but 8 threads (with hyperthreading).

I’d be going for the dedic myself.

I would recommend you to go ahead with the Dedicated according to its configuration and scalability. And as far as the security is concerned dedicated is much more secured than the VPS.

Port speed is same both 100mbps but reduced to 10Mbps after 5TB is exceeded only for the dedicated.

seems dedicated is the better option.
I kind of know this too but was just thinking because Quad Core Xeon servers are really made for servers and i7 processors are kind of home-based computing to me, but i may be wrong though

I believe that dedicated is much better for you. Moreover you will have 12GB of RAM.
In any way that is a question of your budget and other stuff.

I would go with dedicated.

The dedi server is a better option.

You didn’t list the pricing. For all we know, the VPS could be a lot cheaper and if you added more power components to that one, it could outperform the dedicated server while being around the same price range.

Go for Dedicated Server over VPS

What is it your hosting? (what are you currently using?)

How have you come to choosing between these 2 options?