Which is the best way to publish my ebook

I have some books, images and other literature, I wanted to publish on the web with all devices, especially ebooks.
Please advice.

Thank you.

You could try a publishing service like lulu.com. They take a cut from the sales, of course but it’s still a straightforward service. :slight_smile:

You can publish your eBook by the most popular web portal site as amazon and also you can build your personal website to do SEO work and get listed in Google top listing and see how the ROI flows towards u.

Building a personal website isn’t what most writers want to do with their time. Most of them want to write, not “do SEO work”. Amazon is a good option though. If you’re OK with giving them a big cut of the sales…

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I agree but there’s a reason why writers are forced to do promotional stuff such as signnig books or being interviewed… because they need to build a name and be seen as great, famous, glamorous writers. If you’re not behind a good editorial company that can organise all these things for you, then online marketing (SEO, Social Media, etc) is your next thing… and maybe spending 1 hour a day do a difference :wink:

You can outsource and make someone create a site for you. And then you can outsource your SEO as well. If you have some time to spare, you can do your own seo. SEO is a continuous process so you can do it every single day. This is what I noticed from most who want to sell and publish their ebooks. You can then promote using Google’s PPC and other internet marketing processes. Amazon is a choice as well.

You can publish it on the very famous web portals like Amazon. You could try it via any blog sites as well, What you need to do is create your blog for the very first time just by following few steps and then start publishing over there…

yeah, but do not publish everything in your website, you must at least save something that readers will get if they’ve got subscription, in that way, you could earn in your writings.

Hello Friends,

My top 3 ways we sell every ebook we release:

  1. Affiliates - we make sure to setup an affiliate program and seek out top authority site owners in our niche so that when we launch, we hit a market hard to gain momentum and make early sales.
  2. Blog - blogs just simpley work! If you post each day, know your target market and understand the keywords that visitors will use when looking for information you provide, then blogging will bring you the traffic you need to sell your ebook.
  3. A sales process that converts visitors into subscribers and subscribers into customers. You can either send people directly to your sales site and then try and grab those that don’t buy into your list (via an exit pop-up as an example) or you can drive traffic to a landing page designed entirely to sign up subscribers and then expose them to your main sales page via your email campaign. Either way can work, just make sure you do have a process for capturing visitors, turning them into subscribers and continuing to convert them to buyers.

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I have the same question but the answer was founded at the link http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-18438_7-20010547-82/how-to-self-publish-an-ebook/.

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I’m in the same situation. Lulu.com ( seen here ) now is a to do thing. You should also make your own site. You will look more profession like this. Also what “bloggerCW” mentioned … that is a good article.

Create free website and upload it.