Which is the best software for online communication?

Hi there can anyone please tell me which is the best software for online communication?

windows live mail FTW


Well it depends what you mean by communication. Skype is most usable for all types of communication. Later this year Hookflash is going to appear which will be the best solution for communication, file transfer etc.

I recommend going with Trillian.

It connects to multiple instant message platforms including AIM, Yahoo, Google, MSN Messenger, and more. The list is quite extensive.

It also lets you manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts from one interface.

That’s a difficult question because it depends on what it is you want to communicate, could you specify please?

My vote is for Skype, its the best online communication software till now. Easy to use, easy access for document sharing, voice clarity , option of conference call and and so much more.

According to me Skype is the best communication tool. For a small business with different kind of offices Skype offers the most excellent option to physical meetings. For businesses with public traveling and want global calling, the skype for business control panel allocates to assign skype credit, you can easily setup individual skype calling subscriptions, and purchase skype credits on one invoice for the business purpose.

Hey you can try Groupware software such as Moodle, Landing pages, Enterprise Architecture, and sharepoint, which allow subjects to share data – such as files, photos, text, etc for the purpose of project work, etc is best option you can try out. Apart from these one can also opt for Blogs, Commercial social networks, Social guides, Social bookmarking. Even these are the best Software for online communication.

Thank you all for replying.

Firstly, you should be clear. You want to know best Email service or what? If yes, then you can try Gmail, Yahoo mail or Live mail. do you want best IM software? IF, yes then try Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, skype etc. do you want best website communication tools? if, yes then try Comm100 Live Chat, Email ticket software, Knowledge base, forums, Email marketing software etc.

you can use Campaign monitor or mailchimp for online communication, Personally i prefer Campaign Monitor

Skype or gtalk

what about the Hookflash ? can you we it with Unix or Mac operating system or its just for Windows .?


I Think skype & Gtalk are the best software for the online communication:rofl:

Since your question’s general, I’ll share some programs and services that may answer your question:
Email - Google’s Gmail. I use it, and it’s been working wonders for me. It also gives me access to a lot of Google’s other services like Google Docs.
Instant Messaging - Pidgin. You can connect using a lot of different chat networks across the web, like Yahoo!, Google Talk, MSN, and a lot more.
Video Calls - Skype. Well, I don’t have an account yet, but a lot of people are using it.

For websites live chat software is perfect. Your visitors don’t need to have any messengers. They just click on a chat button on your website and start chatting with you. You can also invite website visitors to chat. I recommend HelpOnClick. They have web, desktop and mobile apps, very useful for me.