Which is the best promote method for online store?

I have a <snip>No self-promotion please :wink: Link deleted</snip> online store which is started in the march, but ,the flow is so little that i am so disappointed, i want to know how many methods can be used to promote my website to impoove the flow and pr, thank you very much.

create your own affiliate program. either you setup your own or thru a cpa network

Yes, Try SEO, ad networks to improve the flow: Google Adwords, [URL=“http://advertisingcentral.yahoo.com/smallbusiness/ysm?&abr=2022403519”]Yahoo SM? You could use Free advertising networks, like [URL=“http://www.adgridwork.com/”]adgridwork/. An alternative to Google and Yahoo SM Networks is [URL=“http://www.mioola.com/”]Mioola, btw it’s free version. you can search them…

Use search engine friendly design(very important!), build links(I recommend to buy them at directorys like yahoo, there are some free ones too:eek:). Search seo for more tips and tricks how to do it.

Maybe start a blog reviewing your own products (as a customer). So you will make sales also link backs (the blog will be on a different domain).

Do quality link building or hire SEO company to do it for you.

Why not try some basic SEO and set up a blog for the store?


There are thousands of things that you can do. Yet, I’m going to tell you the one you can’t: Put your link in SP.

And this is a reminder to everyone, please :smiley: