Which Is the best free spam comment protection plugin?

Hello all,
I am new in WordPress and I an facing a lot of spamming in my new blog comment.
I just want to protect those spammer from my blog comment.
Now, Can any one tell me which plugin is perfect for protect spam comment?

There’s no such thing as a “perfect”, when it comes to spam protection. Akismet works pretty well. You should also look into Bad Behavior.

Akismet is a fantastic plugin to use as it was built by the same guys who work on WordPress, you can choose from a free plan or donate money which is better if you have a lot of comments been submitted on a daily basis.

Akismet and Bad Behavior do work well. But IMHO the only “perfect” way to prevent it all (short of not allowing comments) is to have good moderation. Sure it’s more work, but putting every comment into moderation - with you allowing them - is the only fool-proof way.

And making every link “no follow” or a Google redirect will take the incentive away.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply,
Now I just want to know that, can I use one of them for free ?
If I can Use one of the plugins for free then I will be able to use it in My Blog.
Thanking you.

Both Akismet and Bad Behavior are free. But Akismet requires a registration “API key” https://akismet.com/signup/

Google redirect plugins are also free, and can also be found in the WordPress “extend” plugin repository.

Last I knew, links were no-follow by default.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for reply,
Then I will go for Akismet, Because I have come to know that Akismet is Really great.

I use anti-cpatcha plugin which has helped to block off alot of spam. The best thing is its free =)

You should also consider adding either SI CAPTCHA or Re-Captacha plugin on your blog. Combine that with Akismet and you should be good.

I have set Akismet in my Blog but there are a problem. After set the Akismet in my Blog I have not got any comment because all comment goes to spam box. for the test I have leaved a comment and it also goes to spam box.
It delete about 2300 comment without informing me. all Those comment was really spam? I also leave one it was real but it also gone to spam! Can you tell me please why?
Can please tell me How can I solve the problem?

You have to ‘unmark’ the real comments as spam and hopefully Aksimet will learn that comments containing certain words aren’t spam.

Okay i will follow your instruction. And can you tell me there are any other good plugin without Akismet?

If you don’t want to use Akismet or have problems with it, you can make use of the Spam Words text box under Settings > Discussion > Comment Moderation. You should put words there that you commonly found on spam comments.

There is also a Comment Blacklist text box under the same page where comments containing words or part of a word in the list will automatically be trashed. A list of spam words is available here codex.wordpress.org/Spam_Words. You won’t need to do this if you already have Akismet installed.

If you want other plugins that will help combat spam then you should look at some CAPTCHA plugins. Popular ones are SI CAPTCHA and ReCaptcha which will ask users to enter a captcha form every time they make a comment or register.

Many thanks for the reply.
Can you give me the link of CAPTCHA or ReCaptcha plugins please.
I have heard before about those plugins.

SI CAPTCHA : wordpress.org/extend/plugins/si-captcha-for-wordpress/
ReCAPTCHA : wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-recaptcha/

The best thing about ReCAPTCHA is that you are actually helping digitize books everytime a user answers both words successfully rather than just filling out random characters the whole time. That’s why there are two words that are served one of which is a word that the computer knows which the user has to get right. The other word is the one that the computer cannot recognize and is therefore asking people to tell what word it is.

Hope that helped.

Many thanks for the link. I already Download the two plugins. Not can you tell me which is the best among the two ?
The best one I want to use in my blog.

Sorry but I can’t really comment on which one is better since I don’t have much experience with those plugins. All I can say is that SI CAPTCHA is the most use Captcha plugin and that it would probably load faster than ReCAPTCHA since the captcha pictures are loaded from your blog while reCAPTCHA has to make a request from Google. Personally however I would use reCAPTCHA since at least I know that I’m helping digitize books.

I already installed SI Captcha in my blog and just waiting to see what about spammer?
I Think I will be save form the spammer now by installing SI Captcha plugin.
Thanking you for the best suggestion Sir.

I using WP Captcha Free, and it seems to work well i had issues with SI CAPTCHA it kept locking up ,and like most of us dislike captcha.

To day I have set Si Captcha in my blog and I want to see its Performance.
Just waiting to see what will happen.