Which is the best app based website builder among these for business website?

Dear Members,

I am planning to build a website for latest shopping coupons. Could you please suggest me a good mobile app/website builder to build easily. I found few while I am searching on the Internet.
4.Boomer marketing app
5.Simpl Website Builder

Can you please suggest me good one in terms of simplicity, better search rankings, templates, easy of use.
thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forums, @tanoojaagarwal.

As this is a web developer forum, it’s unlikely that you will find many people here who have used, or are interested in using, website builders. I notice you’ve been asking this question for over a month now, apparently with little success. You might find you just need to pick the one which seems to have the best match for the features you want, and give it a try.

I used Weebly and Wix before, so i can say both of that are fine for your plan.

To me the question would more correctly be “least bad” not “best”.

BUT note that I have an extremely biased opinion regarding “site builders” (and “WYSIWYG” editors too for that matter).

Way back when, I tried a few. They produced OK looking pages relatively easy.

But it wasn’t long before I ran into problems, mainly:

  • the pages were limited in what I could do with them
  • the mark-up was not cross-browser compatible

True, browsers have changed a lot since then and perhaps there are “builders” that do a much better job now.

So I could try using builders again. Whether or not it would be true today, I suspect that I would need to spend more time “fixing” them than if I simply wrote code myself.

My take is that builders are good for those that lack design and development skills, simply want to have a “web presence”, and don’t care if there are limitations or problems with their pages.

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