Which is correct: Home page or Homepage?

I want to know if homepage is one word or two? I checked on Wikipedia and I think it accepts both forms. If anyone has any idea of how it is listed in the Chicago Manual, please let me know. Thanks!

Chicago manual of style has it as two words.


Search for homepage, no results.
Search for home page, results.

I think homepage.This is correct.
By the way have you got the answer.If yes please post here.

Homepage is correct

Yeah i would agree with everyone
its Homepage :smiley:

Majority of the people just use homepage from what I have seen

homepage is the used way to write it now, so no matter that in the past the correct was was “home page”, now its just one word.

Both are correct and it depends on how you use it. It’s the same as girlfriend and girl friend.

I think English US: “homepage”, English UK: “home page”

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Homepage is correct for me.

Both of them for me :slight_smile:

yeah, both are correct but i usually see the spelling “homepage”…

Well I am English and always use Homepage, so if it is simply US English, then I have been hanging round forums and chat rooms with Americans for too long :smiley:

I use Homepage. Not sure what is correct but when I needed to decide between Home Page and Homepage is visited some very popular websites and all of them used Homepage.

Looking back on this issue, my initial thought is that it depends on the context it is used… Home page as two separately words is often used to refer to the “start page” of a browser when you launch a new session. However the single word variant “Homepage” is mainly used within describing the main page of a website. Coincidently the same is true of the word “website” vs. “web site”. A web site is usually described in relation to a location on the internet, where as the website is the actual location, for example… “Google is a web site” against “Google’s website can be located at…” of course this is open to interpretation, but it’s the best I could come up with so we need a grammatical genius around here to finalise the definitions, lol :lol:

I think it’s a confusing term and should be avoided.

Homepage is what you get when you opened your browser (though that very concept is getting outdated).
But when a site uses the term, they might also mean any sort of customized page (like my.yahoo.com).
Meanwhile, it could also refer to the root of a site (href=“/home”, whatever).

If you want a person to configure their browser to make your site open by default, maybe homepage is the best word, though I question the practicality of your ambition.
If you have a page on your site that a user can customize, let’s call that a “dashboard” or some branded variation like “My Yahoo”.
Your site’s root is just “home”, or example.com. Beyond an entry in the navigation bar, when do you even mention it? Don’t say check out the map on the home page, just say check out this <a href=‘/’>map</a>.

I use Homepage as in word one myself.

i think homepage

http://www.google.com/search?q=%22homepage%22 - 729000000 results - First result: “BBC Homepage”
http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22home+page%22 - 628000000 results

So usage says one word. Interesting…

Consistency is the key. Make your choice and make sure people don’t find both on a page.

for me its home page, its two worlds. If you make it homepage it become one world and if you look in the dictionary there is no homepage.