Which is cheapest and simple?

I need a simple website. I sell about a dozen items but those items have options. I have had three people start the site but none will finish. Can you guys reccomend a software? Right now I just advertise on forums and take paypal.

My suggested “get going, be selling” solutions are Shopify and BigCommerce. Both are remotely hosted, semi-managed solutions leaving you to focus on the design, merchandising and policies rather than setup.

I’m sure there’s something cheaper out there but saving the few dollars doesn’t make sense if you lose sales as a result.

My advice would be to use Prestashop. Choose a free template and done, you have an online store. Placing a find a lot of modules that help you configure titles, meta description and keywords. I think is ideal. I can say and use joomla and is totally different more complex, with stuff you do not already installed so the free version of Prestashop. Prestashop undoubtedly would choose in the future.

I would like to suggest vistacart software by iscripts. It is a simple store creator software. Check the features and analyse whether it suits with your requirements. Go to http://www.iscripts.com/vistacart