Which Is Better For Domain Name Please?

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been a lurker on Sitepoint for many years and now able to start learning what I need to do to start my business.

I really need some opinions please.

One of the domains I am thinking of is _____service.com or _____services.com… Which sounds more professional?

Thank you,

“services” sounds better to me. I guess it makes it sound like you have more to offer, and “service” on its own probably isn’t as common a usage in this context. I presume you offer more than one service, though?

Hi Ralph,

Thank you for posting.

Yes, there will be several services being offered eventually. I thought this one would be the best also, lol just needed a little reassurance.

Thanks again,

“services” should be fine I believe. What is the type of product/service that you are going to provide on it though?

Well that depends:If you have a single service call it service.com, if you have more services to offer call it services, i personally would go for services despite the fact is a single service or more.