Which is better? CMS or Normal Scripting

I want to build a site, the site is going to be a review of other sites, sites that offer some essential services online like; ptc,online merchants and so on.
Heres where i need your help: SHOULD I USE CMS OR DO THE SCRIPTING MYSELF. I’m thinking of doing the whole scripting as iknow it would help me master essential things in web development like; php and mysql. I’ll be expecting your reply. TIA.

It’s up to you, really. Doing it yourself is a bit like reinventing the wheel, but as you say, if your main aim is to learn, then that’s a good way to do it. Mind you, it may take a long time to learn to do really well, so how long do you have?

If you want to learn it yourself, here’s a great place to start:

Ok. Thanks alot.

well, I’m completely agree with ralph.m
and as per your question, I think a cms platform (like wordpress) will be much better, it will be easy to update and they have a big collection of plugins that could be really helpful to make your site search engine friendly and also responsive. but everything is up to you… do whatever you think better and do share us if you face any kinds of difficulty
best of luck

Ok. Thanks, am grateful. I guess i’ll seat down and think over it very well.

Cms is better for Little know websites peoples…
But developers must use scripting to maximize skills or features

It really depends on your skill level - developing a CMS from scratch is likely to be incredibly difficult if you’re new to coding - especially keeping it secure and optimised if your traffic levels begin getting high.
Wordpress, Joomla, etc offer good, (generally) secure solutions to save on coding, but you may find that you need to extend them and then, not only do you have to learn to code, you’ve also got to learn their API!
Still, I would advise going for Wordpress to start with. Once you’re a little more confident, you can always update your site with a homegrown one.

For me there’s no chance to code anything like this. So I rely on ready made scripts and I handle design/content/promotion. If you want to learn to code, maybe you could try this, if not, just use something that already works well and work on the design and content

Thanks to y’all for your comments. Am hiqhly grateful.

Well it’s all up to you but I think you should go for the CMS because changes can be done easily,content can be handled in easy way compare to the Scripting.

If you are already familiar with PHP and MySQL you could consider PHP Frameworks. There are many to choose and I would go with one that has a good history and also a helpful forum.

I completely agree with you because today its a very important topic.

“Better” depends on your intention.

If you intend to learn more with regards to web designing then by all means do all the scripting yourself. Though, make sure that you make it secure or else it will be vulnerable to attacks.

If you intend to master a particular CMS then go use CMS.

Cms are best choice to reduce works. We can easily develop a premade cms. When we will start sccripting manually it will take lot of time and energy. So i always try to modify and develop a cms as my wish…

I think cms is better choice. but mostly developers use normal scripting.