Which is best Web Hosting


Currently I running my site on webhosting pad. I am fed up of it because of CPU usage restrictions.

Can any one share any reliable/best webhost with reasonable price, who also offer good CPU usage??

You can try one.com, The cheapest web hosting ever !!!

Took a quick look at their site, but I didn’t see where they state how many percent or MHz of CPU you will have. Do you have that information in hand? Also, how about your websites usage, can you provide more details please? That would help to consider if it’s because of their restriction or your scripts.


The OP is aksing for a good webhost, not the cheapest one. Do you have experience with one.com?

All reputable and reliable shared hosting companies will restrict cpu usage. If they didn’t they would not be reliable. Typical numbers are 10-15% limit over about an hours time. If you are doing more than that upgrade to vps or dedicated server, that or optimize current site

Most Shared Hosting providers will have limitations on the CPU usage resources. If you are peaking out on CPU usage I suggest you should consider upgrading to a small VPS.

… and I suggest that you review the hosts under consideration then use their chatpods or “tickets” to ask your question directly. That would give you TWO points to consider: (1) CPU usage limitations and (2) knowledgeable help staff/ticket response time. BOTH should be critical to you.

As for VPS, they also have limits as they share the CPU with other VPS accounts. If you demand a dedicated CPU then you are demanding a dedicated server.



I could see this from your webhost tos
"CPU and Memory Limit: All accounts will be only allowed to use 10% of cpu and memory and can not exceed a session longer then 10 min. This includes all database uses, email, cron jobs, and any FTP sessions. " http://www.webhostingpad.com/abuseterms.html

You must be crossing these limits. Find out what type of processing is happening in your website that consumes more processing usage, determine how much is required. All shared web hosting services has limits on CPU and memory. Review with them before you signup.

Few I could suggest are best web hosts are SpeedHost, HostASP and HostGator. Review with them your requirement and signup

Those limits are pretty low. There are other inexpensive hosts that offer more generous limits.

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