Which is best socialnetworking sites?

i am new guy in this forums
tell about best social networking sites

Best for what?

Stumbleupon, reditt , delicious , digg , A1-webmarks are the best social bookmarking sites. if you take a look you will find that these SB sites are of high Page Rank and and have many users . so that by submitting your site onto them it will attract people towards your site.

Noway days Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are best Social Networking Sites…

According to me Facebook is the best social networking site that site have a lot of features and provides the different types of services so I’ll only say that Facebook is one of most effective social networking site.

The only value in this thread is that it’s a fluff magnet. If you want to know where most members are involved in Social Networking, do a search of this forum. If you have a specific question to ask about social networking sites, feel free to ask it, but we aren’t going to be starting a list of sites in this forum.

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