Which Is Best Format For SEO

Would like to solicit opinions as to which of these (or another) filename formats would be best to use for SEO purposes.

Keyword1 Keyword2 Keyword3.html
(which would get converted to Keyword1%20Keyword2%20Keyword3.html)


Usually, you don’t do mass keywords in filename titles, below is a few examples I would use…

  1. Article Called: How to Make Correct SEO Filenames
    Example: how-make-correct-seo-filenames.html

  2. Link Page with Humor Sites
    Example #1: funny-websites.html
    Example #2: funny-links.html

  3. About Us Page for CyberTech
    Example #1: about-cybertech-company.html

  4. Review for a Movie called The SEOantor
    Example #1: movie-review-the-seoantor.html

This is just some basic examples, do use words like “a” “and” “to” “the” search engines tend to not use these, trying searching for those terms you’ll get nothing.

Good Luck

i use the format:
i use dash over underline, just because of personal preference

Thanks guys. A dash is what I had planned on using. Think I’ll just stick with that. Wasn’t actually going to use mass keywords – bad example on my part. Filename will be the name of individual screensavers, like Cool-Cats-Screen-Saver.html

That should work out just fine for you.

The first with the dashes is most accepted, but the underscores is pretty equal now (though it wasn’t in the past)

Cosmetic wise, I think the dashes look better, thats just my :twocents:

Read this article before for using underscores.

I also personally use dashes even before writing above article :wink:

Stuffing keywords in file name isn’t a good idea. ssandecki has given good example for file name.

From the Search Engine Optimization FAQ:

Which is better for domain name and/or url: hyphen (-), underscore(_), or plus sign(+)?

Hyphens and underscores are the best keyword delimiter you can use in your domain name or URL. They are seen as equal by all of the major search engines.

Keep in mind that Google may not be using underscores as separators yet.

I use the format what ever my page title thats my filename for the page

Dashes are the most preferable for SEO purpose.

Once Google officially makes the switch to recognizing underscores as separators that will no longer be true.

hey stymiee, when is this supposed to happen? i use (-) anyways but also good to know for any sites that may be using (_).

Starting from scratch might as well do the - , but at this point it probably wouldn’t be worth renaming all your _ files and 301ing them if google is going to modify the algo anyways.

your guess is as good as mine

I use dashes over underscores. It even looks better.

I usually use dash but never spam the file name of my page. Use appropriate files and avoid keyword spamming always.

Dashes best way to go.

Any 2010 updates on which is best for SEO … for spaces ?

the dash -

or the _ underline

Thanks in advance …

You never want to use underscores … dashes are the trick, period.