Which is best adobe photoshop version?

some one work done and editing photo in adobe cs 6 but i would like to use adobe photoshop7.

can you suggest me about adobe version.

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Generally, the newer the better.

Photoshop 7 is from 2002.
Photoshop CS6 is from 2012

There were quite a number of features added in the 10yrs.

There is no CS7, Photoshop CC is the latest.


There is no CS7, Photoshop CC is the latest.

I have just been looking at the photoshop versions for another thread here and you can not buy CS6 on Amazon.co.uk or another couple of sites I checked out. It has to be CC; I am glad I decided to take the plunge and buy CS6 last year.

Latest version is better. You have more control on many things ex. Smart filters.

The latest version 0of all Adobe products are subscription only versions where you pay by the month.

If you have a version where you paid once to install it then you are running an old version.

Latest version is always better as it has new features and bugs fixed.

I usually work with Photoshop CS6…