Which Integrated Development Environments (IDE) is commonly used by programmer?

There are lots of free tool which are used for producing software code like Visual Studio Express, Eclipse, Netbeans, kate etc. These development environments are free of charge. Beside this, there are other tools which are used by various programmers. Each & every tools have pros as well as some cons.
My main concern is to find out, which integrated development environment (IDE) is commonly used by various minded programmers like you? Please share your thoughts of mind

What languages are you looking to develop with? That tends to play a big part as to what development tool(s) you end up using.

I worked on C++, JAVA and .net programming language. But well expertise in .net, already development many application. Want to enhance knowledge on C++. so i am looking IDE for C++


For me, it’s Eclipse. Honestly, there are many IDE’s but I don’t want to re-learn all the shortcuts. Also Eclipse has so many gawd damn plugins for just about anything. Not saying Eclipse is #1 IDE for everyone but it’s a strong candidate. Yes, they support whatever language you want to program in (inc. C++)