Which fonts facebook uses?

Facebook font look great. Does anyone know what fonts they used ? can someone give me list ?

You can usually find this sort of info if you view the source code of the page (right click, select View Source). There are probably links to stylesheets that you can inspect.

Firebug for Firefox is a great tool for easily inspecting web pages.

Oh i’ve got it.

Their font family on the body is “font-family:“lucida grande”,tahoma,verdana,arial,sans-serif” Then they set the default font size to 11px.:injured:

Font size 11px because they want to make facebook accessible to mobiles. Look at the big picture, you see the site is tight and compact.

That won’t work. There are far better ways provided by CSS. It just shows that they don’t understand the web.

Look at the big picture, you see the site is tight and compact.

That “big picture” includes a growing number of ageing boomers who can’t really see 11px fonts too well.

Only somewhat off-topic: along with the distressing trend towards teeny fonts, what’s with this “new” trend of medium gray type on a slightly darker gray background (and variants thereof such as dark gray type on black bg)? When I have to highlight the type with my mouse just to read the content, I’m steering for the exits.

I tend to find myself increasing the font size to a legible size.

I can only imagine the ie users out there who know no better to use a different browser trying to increase the font size :rofl:

The font you’re searching for is called ‘Tahoma’ or ‘Lucida Grande’. I’m using Windows and I don’t have Lucida Grande so Facebook is using Tahoma. But if you’re using Mac Lucida Grande is a system font so in this case the font you’re searching for is Lucida Grande.
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Rio, many thanks for answering this question but if you look at posts 3 and 4 you will see that it has been resolved - IN 2008

Lol! I can hear the forehead slapping from way over here… :lol:

Facebook’s smaller font size straining eyes.

And anyway, facebook’s logo font is Klavika, not Tahoma or Lucida Grand.

Yeah, old thread, was #4 on teh search for “facebook font”. Lawlz.

Addon called FB Purity to fix the font size issue once and for all, it also has a number of other features.

Hi run facebook uses “klavika font”, found it by viewing the source code of the page and then locating the css file. That contains the data for how the page will look.Right-click on the page and select view source. You are going to see a lot of HTML code.