Which font should I use?

As ROBOTO font is not working for my Chrome users, so I would like to know any good one similar to this font :slight_smile: . Please help.

I suggest you to go with Titillium font.

I also use Roboto Font

And do you have any problems with it on Chrome? Can you help Jen_Abad fix the problem?

What is happening in chrome? What do you mean by not working?

I agree. Titanium font is the best choice.

Agree with whom? Nobody else has suggested that one… (:

I can also find more than one font of that name, and they are very different. It would help if anybody suggesting a font could provide a link to the download page.

However, unless the OP returns soon, this thread will be closed.

I think you will use the OPEN SANS font it is a global font and compatible to every browser

It’s not a standard font! You would have to find a version, download it (or link to google fonts etc) and then use @font-face rules to allow it to be viewed in a browser.

I also use Titanium font.It’s really help me very much for doing my job.

As I said before, there is more than one font called Titanium:

I assume people are recommending the second, but without a reference, it’s not clear (or helpful).

OP has not returned.

Thread Closed.