Which flash cms?

Can someone help me figure out what cms this site is running on? If I am correct I believe it’s using the file “slick” as the website template, but I have no idea about cms.

Here is the website



I saw the cms was built into the flash template. I’m not a flash person so I first assumed it was like wordpress where you load the themes into the cms.

So I am a webdesigner… I primarily do actionscripting with flash. I do play with html too, and am now going to try and start freelancing and am looking to learn how to customize an open source CMS. I really like wordpress, but I feel it’s a bit limiting, and I really like concept of Drupal and Joomla, but feel that perhaps these are a bit overwhelming too. I don’t want to learn a whole new language (php), but I do want to use a CMS. What are your thoughts? Is it ok to customize open source themes for clients? Thanks in advance!

Why do you say that wordpress is limiting? I’m not sure if this answers your concerns but have you looked into child themes? Using a parent theme such as Genesis or Hybrid, you can design your own child theme with all the back end work done for you.

Tiny CMS is not like wordpress but just like wordpress editor it also gives WYSIWYG editor to edit the contents directly into flash. like for any template from “Flash CMS Templates” category of templatesrule.com you can simply edit the text and images through WYSIWYG editor. even for complex animations like flip book templates.
Wordpress is for non flash websites.