Which Famous people have you met

I was just thinking has anyone ever met any TV star’s and they where really nice and has anyone met any that are not so nice?

My Mate met Clare and Sarah of Hollyoaks and they seemed nice

I met Genghis Khan once. Or maybe I dreamt that…

I met Dick Vitel, Jamie Kennedy, Craig Robinson, Joe Koi, Coach K (DUKE), Doc Rivers, and a few other pro sports players and comedians.

I have not met anyone famous…

A girl my girlfriend went to school with was one of the main characters in Skins, an embarrassment to the city of Bristol. I’ve spoke to a few comedians before, most notably Jimmy Carr, who was the nicest person ever.

I’ve met loads of people from bands over the past couple of years, such as sitting at the same bar as the guys from Reel Big Fish, looking for Indian food with the lead guy from Thrice and saying hi to Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters.

I’ve got a few other strange stories regarding people from soaps and reality TV shows, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

Until you heckle him at one of his shows… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ioBZ5fNJO8

I’ve met a few of the famous and celebrated but Royce Gracie is the only one that matters to me.

i did not met any famous person yet.

I’ve had the great privilege of meeting Gina Westerby, Ed McMane and Jim Luthor.

Now, I know you’re thinking—“Who the hell are they?”

Which just goes to show, that heroes to one person are nobodys to another. Fame is meaningless.

PS: I love zeldman’s account of his meeting with Cameron Diaz, which started with a short tweet, which he elaborates on here:

“Famous” can be a relative term. I stand at the supermarket checkout and see faces and names on the magazines and have no idea who those people are!
The people I have met/known, whom I consider ‘famous’, are probably a group who YOU have never heard.

I was waiting in the Newark Airport (in the 1990s) and a tall woman sat next to me. I recognized her as Dionne Warwick shortly before we were surrounded by autograph hounds. By coincidence, on that same flight was the old actor Mike Connors. Although they had never met the two of them struck up a conversation and asked to be seated together on the plane.
By a bigger coincidence, I was sitting the row just in front of them. So I had a brief conversation with them both (and that is how I learned they had not previously met and asked for seats together…).

I am personal friends with Mel Kampmann.
David Bronstein is an old school friend.

In 1980, I met Burt Lancaster and spent some time with Susan Sarandon when I worked on the movie Atlantic City. I also spent time with Harvey Atkin during filming of exteriors in New Jersey.

:frowning: I haven’t met any popular person right now. But I was able to watched Wrestlers like Batista, Undertake etc.

I’ve met Batista and I was too lucky to have his autograph. With regards to whether he is nice, well I have seen him dealing with his fans very nice and other people as well as opposed to what he’s character on the WWE show.

My mother was an actress and my father a musician. The list would be crass :wink:

Recently had dinner with a guy called Amos Lee though. Apparently he’s quite big in the states, pretty much unknown here in the UK. Nice guy and phenomenal music :slight_smile:

I once met Lionel Messi the great Football player.

Long days I had met Liz a TV actress on a studio. She is a very charming and beautiful.

This was a very good meeting for me, I will remember it for ever.

Have seen a couple of. But I’m kind of person that never runs after these so called celebrities!

Almost saw Obama in LA today, just outside UCLA. But sadly, I only saw all the armored, huge SUVs and limos. Would be cool to see him speak or interact with the locals.

I also did not met any famous personality…But My desire is too big coz i wanna meet Emma watson…

Can’t forgot Mark Knopler… I meet him with my dad when I was young.

I’ve met Bam margera. and art of dying.

I have meet the Bollywood star Salman Khan…