Which email marketing website is the best?


I would like to use a strenghts of email marketing and create a newsletter for my customers. My question is, which email marketing provider is the best? I am deciding between Mailchimp, YMLP and Bravenet, but if there are more, please suggest.


I think YMLP is best site for this purpose.

Rather than just giving a preference, please could you explain why you think this one is the best – otherwise it isn’t very helpful!

If you looking out the cost , time and function you must go with mailchimp.

Among the three options, I have only used Mailchimp before.

It has a set of robust features as compared to other providers in the market and they are constantly adding new ones. For starters, they also offer a free plan. However, if you are planning to promote money making schemes, business opportunities or affiliate marketing offers, then Mailchimp may not be the right solution because they specifically pointed out that sending out emails promoting these offers is a violation of their terms of service.

Personally, I am using AWeber.com because I build several lists on the same website. I need a service that automatically recognizes the same email address from two different lists, and only broadcast to the email address once instead of twice if I am sending to both the lists. Last I checked, this wasn’t possible with Mailchimp.

Again, please explain WHY.

If this thread continues to have posts like this which just throws out an answer without backing information, it’s a waste of everyone’s time, and this thread will be closed. For the OP’s sake, let’s add valuable data to the thread to keep it open and to help her.

I had read somewhere that iContact is a best email marketing site ever. Personally I haven’t used it but just telling you to give it a try and also paste some comments here so that others can also get an idea about it including me. The shows in the best ranking sites. Thanks

From what I have heard and seen Mailchimp is the simplest to use here. Have you considered Campaign Monitor? +1 for CM every time!

I would prefer Mailchimp, you can use their free program which is up to 2000 subscribers and get in touch with your customers is easy and low cost then.

I suggest you use Mad Mimi because they are very good email marketing service and also very cheap service on top of that they have a free trial membership where you can store 2000 contacts which is amazing their support is very good, they always respond within one hour or two maximum I highly recommend Mad Mimi.

I want email marketing for lead so can anyone give me perfect software for email marketing also i want email ID data for canada, USA, UK,AU.

Please give me any one example for email marketing design.

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