Which domain name should I choose?

You need to come up with the url yourself, sorry to say. While I don’t know how many people will view this thread, but I can almost garentee that the minute a suggestion is made, it will probably be bought by somebody other than you, and will be willing to sell it for some markup price.

We’ve had a similar thread recently - see http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?832710-website-name

You might get some ideas from reading that.

What extension do you want to use. If it is .com then it is really hard work to come up with anything that hasn’t been taken. Also how is it to be used. Are you selling on the website or is it more of a hobby? If it is just a hobby you might consider .info or or something more interesting like .me (MYMUSICFOR.ME is available!)

The kind of name you want really depends on what the website is for and what your target market is and what area of of interest your website is about.

But if you like that domain name that I came up with then you better buy it quick - because that was a brilliant idea.

Tim from Ingenyes

Perhaps I should start a different thread asking this, but this just reminded me of something I thought about during the Super Bowl.

Is anyone buying and using those .co domains that GoDaddy was promoting this year in their commercial?

Actually there is one serious problem with .co. If someone has been told or referred to the domain you will lose a proportion of web traffic because some people will automatically add an “m” on the end. Everyone is too habituated to .com. Even if they see .co written down they will think that it is a typo and still add an “m”.

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when the slew of new extensions start to come on line.

Tim from Ingenyes.